“Safe Haven”

“Safe Haven”-where a baby may be safely left in the care of the hospital when the parent is unable to provide care.

There are 2 infant receiving stations at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. The receiving stations are located in the ED and in the Women’s Center. The ED receiving station is located in the ED entrance vestibule and the Women’s Center receiving station is located to the left of the Women’s Center entrance desk.


Any hospital staff encountering an individual presenting a child has the right to ask only the following questions:

  1. What was the date and time of the child’s birth?
  2. Is there any family medical history we need to know?
  3. Has a doctor or nurse ever seen this child?
  4. Were there any problems you observed during birth?
  5. Do you need any care for yourself? (If so, the person should be registered as a JaneDoe)

safe-haven1 safe-haven2


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