Help With Pregnancy Decisions

Pregnant, or Know Someone Who Is?

When a woman thinks she’s pregnant, there are many things she might be feeling: joy, excitement, fear, sadness, confusion, panic, loneliness. Even in the best of circumstances, a pregnancy presents uncertainty. If you are pregnant or think you might be, we can offer you direction and support.

You are about to make some decisions that will have a profound effect on your life, your relationships, your emotional well-being, your body, and countless other aspects of your future. These decisions should be made only after you have learned as much as possible about your options. Educate yourself and choose what is best for you and your baby.
If you want free, confidential help for your pregnancy, call Carlisle Area Family Life Center.

“Providing Crisis Pregnancy Resource Support and Services Since 1979”

How our staff can help you

Compassionate CounselorCarlisle Area Family Life Center provides:

  • Free Urine Pregnancy Test
  • Free Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound
  • Completely Confidential Help
  • Nonjudgmental Caring Advice
  • Friendship and Emotional Support
  • Referrals
  • Material Assistance — Maternity/Baby Clothing & Supplies
  • Community Resources
  • Information about:
    • Abortion Procedures and Risks
    • Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome
    • Adoption
    • Sex, Pregnancy, and Relationships
    • Sexually-transmitted Diseases and Contraceptives
    • Post-partum Depression, Depression and Suicide
    • Bereavement & Support
  • Learning & Earning for Expecting Moms

We Can Provide Referrals For:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Adoption
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Professional Counseling
  • Legal Advice
  • Low or No Cost Furniture and Clothing
  • Domestic Violence Hotline
  • And more…..

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to schedule an appointment?
No. Walk-ins are welcome. However, we ask you do not wait until the day’s office hours are nearly over to come in because we want to spend as much time with you as we can without you or our staff feeling rushed.

How long will my appointment take?
The length of time varies depending on the services you request and the questions you have.  Generally, you can plan to spend about 30 minutes with our lay counselors.

What kind of pregnancy test do you offer?
Carlisle Area Family Life Center offers a free, urine-based clinical pregnancy test.  This test is designed to determine the presence of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin (hcg), in urine.  The manufacturer states that this test is 97% to 99% accurate seven to ten days after conception.  This test will offer a positive or negative indication of pregnancy, but a final diagnosis can only be made by a doctor.

How much do you charge?
All of our services are provided free of charge, regardless of your income level.

Where are you located?
We offer pregnancy help at 155 N. Hanover Street in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We generally serve Cumberland, Perry and Adams counties, but we serve anyone regardless of residency.

Are you a religious organization?
No.  We do receive some financial support from area churches, but we are not affiliated with any particular religion or faith. We serve everyone who asks for help, regardless of religious affiliation.  All are welcome at the Carlisle Area Family Life Center.